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The Beacon512 Business Catalyst Team opens doors in Austin, San Fransisco, UK, and Australia.

Beacon512 Business Catalyst is a Content Management System that runs website, email marketing and online shop, while automatically growing the customer database. Beacon512 Business Catalyst is revolutionary because it has integrated everything that an online business owner needs under one “roof”, and found a way to offer it all at a very affordable cost. This has allowed any serious startup and small business owner to compete side by side with the big online players.

A Fresh Approach to Online Businesses.

It's 2009 and business owners trying to run their online business are frustrated. They're wasting time wrestling with 5+ separate systems that don't talk to each other, and their business isn't growing.  Imagine a business owner like yourself sat down and designed the perfect system to run their online business. Well, that's what Beacon512 built - the first comprehensive, integrated system born to run online businesses.

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